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About Us

Road from Queenstown

What’s our Story?

Queenstown Organics started from our own frustration in getting fresh and tasty vegetables in Queenstown. We run restaurants where fresh vegetables are absolutely essential. From dealings with middle men suppliers and shipping companies we knew that pretty much all the produce in the area comes to us via Christchurch or Dunedin. This adds days to to the supply chain and meant produce we bought (the same that is available in the supermarkets) was 7-10 days old before we got it. We didn't like that and neither did our customers!

So we Bought a Chiller Truck! 

Eventually we had had enough, we bought our own little chiller truck and went off to look for the best produce we could find. Our search led us to Oamaru which is one of the best producing regions in the country with its famous 'Totara tar' soils and home to the leading organic farm in the South Island. Who would have thought?! Now we could get the best fresh produce New Zealand has to offer, and we got it to Queenstown the day after its picked!

And Then we Bought the Farm!

The popularity of the fresh produce we brought to the community has grown from strength to strength. In 2019, with the support of the community behind us, we were able to purchase the farm and now can guarantee the best supply of seasonal organic vegetables in town. 

Oamaru Organics Farm

Being Organic is Important!

Over the years, on our many trips over the hill to Oamaru and the surrounding farms we've been lucky enough to get to know the hard working farmers and producers. They are passionate about their products. We learnt about their organic methods, about how important a healthy and living soil is and about how much better for us and the environment pesticide free food is. Whilst it's difficult, we have no doubt that their results are the best tasting and healthiest food you can get. It's important to us and we know that it's important to all our customers.

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Queenstown Organics.